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“http://gadgetsmartphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/acc.jpg”>For you fans the vote and have a lot of gadgets, then a good quality headphones can be a friend of entertainer you. One of the best headphones is the Bose OE headphones, these headphones are indeed very dedicated to Portable Players, Computers and Home Stereos. These headphones have foam pads clamp the ear is very soft and tender, coated with leather. With a tenderness like that, when sandwiched between the ears of the positions of these foam pads with impermeable cover the ears. So with such inherent kedapan produce a very clear voice.

Advantages of Bose OE headphones are:

* Very comfortable and soft ears (kedapan very dense can you feel)
* Designed with the structure of the TriPort  acoustic, (a very clear sound quality)
* Provided 2 cables (long and short)
* Headphones can be folded and rotated
* Provided a small bag and thin
* Can be arranged for short term to adjust to the head

With dimensions:

* Overall headphone dimensions
7.3 “H x 5.3” W (18.5 cm x 13.5 cm)
* Ear cushion outside dimensions
3.0 “H x 2.2” W (7.6 cm x 5.6 cm)
* Weight with cables
5.2 oz (147.4 g)
In addition to enjoying the music, if you maniac game (iPhone, iPad, portable games, smarphones) These headphones are also very good to accompany you play the game, with clear sound and thunderous bass that makes you more fun playing the game. You will feel the sensation of these headphones to hear sounds like a pop-gun bursts, explosions, the sounds effects and music that vibrates your hearing.

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