This is the appearance of the Nokia Mobile Phone Windows 7?

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“”>Future, Nokia, Symbian does not just rely on the telephone as one of its flagship product, allows using Windows 7. Well, this is the design of these phones? Nokia’s first mobile design revealed by Microsoft and Engadget seems quite possible.

Still with the typical variety of colors seems to bring a Nokia N8 and C7, and similar body curves. Windows 7 has adopted a recommendation out of pocket its interface.

According to these products, three colors, namely black, red and blue will be available. However, there was no leakage of product features.

Seattle Times, Sunday (13/02/2011), a figure officially received the phone’s design, the Samsung phone a while ago introduced a similar product made by the leaking of Windows 7. Well .. Wait for the official announcement by Microsoft and Nokia. (Eno / Eno)

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