Phone Recorder 3D Arresting Attention

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The success of James Cameron 3D film Avatar inspire many people to imitate. Moreover, now a proliferation of devices that can produce 3D images. Smartphone is one of them.

In Japan, it has been present in the world’s first smartphone that can produce 3D images and video. At the end of this month, the young people in Japan could begin to produce 3D content creation. And it is not impossible, will appear a work of successful 3D movie from their hands.

Is NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s telecom operators are announcing the availability of this latest smartphone. Equipped with two cameras, this smartphone is designed to be able to produce HD-quality 3D video.

Quoted from Cnet, on Thursday (05/12/2011), Aquos Phone SH-12C thus the name of this smartphone, dibesut by electronics manufacturer Sharp. Mobile phones with enough screen width and 1.4 GHz chips Qualcomm is immediately marketed.

Reportedly, the Aquos specs can compete with 3D Optimus from LG to look forward to the consumer. There are two 8-megapixel camera on the back of the phone that can record 3D video with 720p resolution.

Pre-order Aquos in Japan was opened on 14 May and visited the market on 20 May. Unfortunately, not to mention what price range of this phone.

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