400 Thousand New Android Phone On Each Day

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Google released statistics showing the growth of the operating system (OS), Android, which quickly evolved into a successful ecosystem.

“http://www.gadgetsmartphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/android-200.jpg”>The report mentions, every day there are more than 400 thousand new Android devices are active. In February last, the old Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, in the event the Mobile World Congress says there are 350 thousand per day activation Android devices. Overall, the Android has made the achievement of 100 million active Android phone in the world and is predicted to continue growing rapidly.

Quoted from TG Daily, Wednesday (11.05.2011), Android’s popularity is supported by the Android application store that offers more than 200 thousand applications free and paid. The total number of applications installed diperangkat Android now reached 4.5 billion application.

In these achievements, Google also said Android has had 36 OEM, 215 operators and 450 thousand partners Android developers worldwide.

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