LG LG9400 Maxx bearers Snapdragon 1 GHz Newest Arrive in South Korea

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“http://gadgetsmartphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/LG-LG9400-Maxx.jpg”>LG KM900 Arena seems to have obtained a replacement of LG LG9400 Maxx (AKA Maxx Arena). The launch itself is conducted in South Korea later. LG LG9400 Maxx that had leaked in advance as LU9400, now no longer referred to as the LG Arena, but still have user interface features of the phone with the S-Class, which is an upgrade from previous versions.

LG LG9400 Maxx has been carried by the existence of the latest CPU 1GHz Snapdragon. The chipset is Qualcomm chipsets QSD digunaan 8650. And the chipset is the latest chipset than the QSD 8250 Qualcomm found in Nexus or GW820 LG Expo. QSD Qualcomm 8650 chipset is available in support CDMA and GSM flavors. And that certainly can support 2G/3G GSM network proper.

Phones that this one turned out to have been equipped with 3.5-inch touch screen feature and an optical track pad, Wi-Fi, GPS and HD video decoding as well as T-DMB TV (in Korean mobile TV standard). LG LG9400 Maxx also comes with a 5 megapixel camera.

LG itself will release the LG LG9400 Maxx is by cooperating with SK Telecom and KT immediately. But clearly, so far has not mentioned about the exact release date or price related to the existence of this one cell phone. Well, we’ll see.

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