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“”>Your Nokia phone owners, there are a few tips that our reports from nokia.

When you encounter errors or having problems when logging in, please note that your user name and password Nokia Messaging same as your email address and password that you used to sign up for Nokia Messaging.

You can add the Windows Live Hotmail address to your Nokia Messaging on the phone or Nokia Messaging supports the domain email is hosted from Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google (also referred to as a vanity domain).

To be able to synchronize your IMAP subfolders, log in to your account at, and select Edit settings link next to the email address which will be synchronized with additional folders.

You will receive an email from Nokia Messaging which shows that you can update your phone to the latest version. This email will be sent to all users next week, so if you have updated it before this time, you do not need to update again.

Depending on the model and / or firmware version of Nokia devices, Nokia Messaging may have been available on the device. If you are in countries that provide Nokia Messaging, Email configuration application on the phone will configure your email address in Nokia Messaging. As an alternative, you can sign up for Nokia Messaging at

Check the settings for “synchronization while roaming” if you have connection problems.

Nokia Messaging handle email with a text format and HTML format as well. In some larger messages, you’ll see a series of scroll and select at random.

Now you can edit the email settings: when signing up for your Nokia Messaging, now you can include an outbound email server as part of the advanced settings. Nokia Messaging Users with accounts can now edit the email server settings from your My Account page. This will be helpful if you are having problems sending or receiving emails or setup your email provider is not found correctly.

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