Angry Birds Will Soon sambangi up

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“”>If you are a facebookers and already bored with the game play-it wrote, presumably you can switch to this one game. Users of the iPhone of course already familiar with game play Angry Birds, is not it? Just imagine, who would have thought class game this Apple iPhone device, reportedly in the time soon you’ll soon be able to play up your personal page, wherever located.

Angry Birds game play has been some success on the iPhone platform. And now is the time for the game Angry Birds to try his luck on other platforms that have a larger and broader user.

In the expansion to other platforms, reportedly Angry Birds game has been downloaded more than 30 million people through its own Android device. Moving on from the Android platform, the game Angry Birds also once graced the game play for iPad device so that the use of larger screen and an intuitive interface has made this game a favorite among children.

Angry Birds game play is now also can you find on your computer (PC), PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Windows Phone 7. And even also will soon be available on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

On the one hand, Rovio as the game developers also revealed the possibility could be that game will be a sequel to the film because basically a lot of people feel inspired by real life figures such toys Angry Birds. And surprisingly, it seems reasonable if companies like Zynga’s popularity has taken a fortune from this game Angry Birds to bring it on popular social networking up a minute. Rovio Zynga also added its own if it wanted the game play Angry Birds version up this will bring more benefits than previous platform versions. Angry Birds Basically this game could be played by anyone at any time.

As with other facebook games, later Angry Birds games this will really have a social element and encourage collaboration, so different from the versions Angry Birds game before. Not explained how the Rovio is planning to do all that, but certainly it would probably be something new in this version of the game.

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