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“”>The issue of social networking plans up to create their own phone back on. Picture phones up that was widely rumored will use the Android operating system was widely circulated on the Internet.

Boy Genius Report site recently got leaked from news sources that became one focus group member (internal research object up).

Anonymous sources who had undergone an hour focus group discussion that, describing the phone up in detail, as follows.

Equipped with location-based coupons

Users can select a specific category according to your interest. When a user is near one of the stores that fall into that category selected, the virtual coupon is then automatically announced to the mobile phone up users.

GPS service that is always alive

Features always-on GPS such as the Google services Latitude, also will run on mobile phones, in the background (behind the scenes). This service will provide automated check-ins so that the user’s location can be distributed or announced to their colleagues.

There is no local storage media

The phone does not have local data storage media, or have, but capacity is only a little. Everything is based cloud, even including a database of contacts, media, data, and so forth.

Camera phones

The phone has a camera, but all shots of this phone will immediately be automatically uploaded to the server cloud.

System of notification messages

A notification messages such as news ticker will inform all the messages to be lodged in a single inbox, which can be sorted by specific categories.

Although, so far up always denied they plan to make mobile phones. However, the two employees, Joe Hewitt (used to work on Mozilla Firefox browser) and Matthew Papakipos (former head of the Google Chrome browser team), is believed to have developed a mobile phone up for this in secret.

This handset is reportedly going to be produced by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, but will not be given a brand ‘up the Phone’.

According site claims, this phone will appear at the event Mobile World Congress 2011, held February 14 next, in Barcelona Spain.

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