Sony Prepares New Ammunition for Attack Mobile Phone Market

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After the successful launch of the smartphone variant Z2, Sony is now preparing to bring the latest smartphone Xperia Z2a. Proclaim this smartphone in the Xperia Z2 will replace the current position is on the rise, this information is known of the plan expressed by the Sony Mobile Taiwan.

The advantages of this is the Sony Xperia Z2a kamunikasi bandage technology that has been based on 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). Coupled with the view that a wide selection of colors to make the first impression will make fall in love although unfortunately there is no more detailed specifications for other features.

But telecom analysts predicted Xperia Z2a not be much different from previous series of Xperia Z2 well in things like camera G Lens and 5.2-inch screen with size. To quote the price of Sony‘s products will unggualan dibanrol at Rp 6.7 million.

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