Latest Android Phone will Replace Claimed Credit Cards

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Google has announced a new Android phone which will dilengkap with mobile payment system
Google shows phone with Android, which is equipped with a chip (chip) that will allow users to make payments through their handsets.

the phone is equipped with a chip from the Near Field Communication, which will allow the people make payments via their mobile phones, as well as credit cards.

The latest version of Android, which is referred to as the ‘Gingerbread’ will be launched in coming weeks, will feature the latest payment systems as a key tool. “This could replace your credit card,

The users will need an NFC chip and Gingerbread Android OS to enable this technology. Of NFC technology allows users to download their phone-tap on a symbol or an item in the world to create an action is successful, such as making a payment.

Google now has not had any cooperation with one party for the release of this product, but Google will work with developers third party payment processor. In addition, he also said that Google will not take personal data through a credit card transaction via the phone.

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