Rumor | Microsoft is developing Windows Phone 8 smartphone its own

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Rumor | Microsoft is developing Windows Phone 8 smartphone its own. Are now being widely discussed that Microsoft will release Windows Phone 8 smartphone its own in the coming months. As if not satisfied with just unveiled its own tablet, reason, we also know that Microsoft has almost never looked at the smartphone market Windows Phone 8.

It appears that Microsoft is indeed exploit the presence of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with a strategy to immediately jump on the smartphone market.

Windows Phone 8 smartphone

Known it, now microsoft already have a reliable partner capable enough for a smartphone Windows Phone 8, namely HTC and Nokia. Both are ready to launch a Windows Phone 8 phones to the market in the foreseeable future.

But it seems that Microsoft is secretly tempted to start stretching the smartphone market, and according to a source who declined to be named said that Microsoft is currently working on its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

Unmitigated, smartphone Windows Phone 8 to be planned by microsoft will be paired with a classmate smartphone iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, or even with a partner who gush smartphone Windows Phone 8.

Currently smartphones Windows Phone 8 are not shown the expected progress, perhaps it is this that drives Microsoft has plans to release a smartphone Windows Phone 8 itself as a form of unbelief that the software giant and its partners in an effort to improve the situation.

To date the form and details of the smartphone Windows Phone 8 which is being developed by Microsoft itself is not yet revealed. However, recent news says that the smartphone Windows Phone 8 is central in the final stages of development and will be launched in the coming months. That said, the name of Microsoft’s smartphone will be launched under the name Windows 8 tablet Surface resemble hers, the Surface.

Responses Nokia regarding Microsoft will release Windows Phone 8 smartphone its own

When the news about Microsoft’s plans will make smartphones Windows Phone 8 itself was sticking, Nokia through its CEO, Stephen Elop, said he did not see any indication of the main partners that have such plans.

However, different responses have recently returned from the mouth of the number one in Nokia that when addressing the same thing, where it actually ready to welcome true if Microsoft has plans to launch a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone hers.

“We encourage HTC, Samsung, Microsoft, or anyone else to have a device on the market and make investments anything that can help the sustainability of ecosystems,” Elop said.

It can not be denied that the great gamble Nokia on Windows Phone platform will have competition from other manufacturers in the same ecosystem, not to mention Microsoft’s own.

However, it seems that up to now the Finnish manufacturer is so confident with the smartphone Windows Phone 8 Nokia Elop has recognized the unique differences compared to Windows Phone 8 smartphone devices from other vendors. read also Nokia Windows Phone 8 price range in Europe

“We are very proud of the uniqueness of what we bring to the Windows Phone platform,” said Elop.

“That is not something easily replicated or recreated or anything similar to it,” he concluded.

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