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“”>Samsung I5700 GT or commonly called the Samsung Galaxy Spica is a smartphone with Android operating system developed by Google. For its own version of Android is version 2.1 eclair, there is also still using version 1.5 Cupcake (who are still using version 1.5 can upgrade to version 2.1).

Incidentally Samsung Galaxy Spica that I use already use Android version 2.1. Here I will inform how the internet connection settings on the smartphone, considering the internet connection becomes something quite important to synchronize contact data, calendar, notes that there is in this smartphone with a Google account that we have.

Stages for the internet connection on the Android phone was relatively easy, because the distribution of menus and submenus are quite clear and easy to follow.

First we go into the Settings menu, and select the Wireless & Networks. In the menu we chose networks Wireless & Mobile network (bottom sequence).

At the Mobile network, we create a new access point through the Access Point Names. At the beginning of this section is empty, because we have not made any access point, to make it click the menu button, then select New APN.

To Name free content whatever we want, what matters is the APN, username, and password (adjusted for the cards that we use). If we use the Flash card Unlimited, to be filled with the internet APN, while the username and password blank (for other GSM cards can be viewed on the Internet connection parameters GSM). For another part in the Edit Access Point does not have to be filled (usually the operator only determines the APN, username, and password only). If you already click the menu button and save (Save).
Then we stayed to enable the APN that we created earlier by clicking on the APN that we just created it (marked with green signs on his right), and we already get online denganSamsung Spica our Galaxy.
brief info about internet settings I5700 Samsung GT Galaxy Spica, may be useful.

We recommend using unlimited internet package, because this Android-based smartphone used to do an internet connection to sync automatically (or can also disable the connection with the help of which can be downloaded diAndroid APNdroid Market).

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