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“”>YouTube has become a place to store and share the best-selling video today. Just to share personal videos via YouTube, a lot of people who became famous even suddenly become Celebrity. An example is Justin Bieber from the USA and also the conch Poison song from Indonesia.

What matters is how we can download videos on YouTube using a smartphone, especially through the Blackberry. Two Children from Indonesia named Fachrul Rozy and Irviano Yuditha was already thinking about it. Starting from their attempt to download the video via the Blackberry, but the result is not optimal, because the format was changed to 3gp, while they want a MP4 video format. Finally, Fachrul and Irviano decided to create a mobile website, where Blackberry users can download videos directly favorite of his is on YouTube. Mobile website was given a name:

The advantages of mobile website creation is that we no longer need to install third party applications. Simply go to his website through Blackberry Browser. Lime Team’ve tried to download his favorite video MP4 format with large files of about 5 MB, succeeded by success! Salute to duoberry!

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Download YouTube movies via BB Now More Easily, 8.0 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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