BlackBerry is not a Smartphone?

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“”>As quoted from CNN, Fortune’s Jon Fortt as a publisher of a digital world, in the interview with CNN to make the statement that the iPhone is the Smartphone. BlackBerry is not a Smartphone. One of his colleagues, Michael Copeland as a senior writer at Fortune also had to change from BlackBerry devicenya to Android. Why? Because one aplikasinamanya Swype in Android that serves to assist in typing on the touchscreen. And say this is one of the biggest selling point that the BlackBerry does not have.

Actually funny what was said by Jon Fortt. Because what is so good at actually two different devices segments. iPhone, Android could be said of multimedia, while relying on BlackBerry push e-mail and Instant messagingnya. Two different sides of a smartphone.

Actually, the BlackBerry itself also can be said now starting a campaign to promote Super Apps could say will bring changes to the BlackBerry. It should be a change in the industry especially the BlackBerry smartphone. We’ll see how big the impact effect after Jon Fortt of Fortune issued a statement like this. If you want to view the video internya with cnn, please open this link: “” target=”_blank”>Ǥ/29/tm_blackberry_iphone_android.fortune/

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